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E   D   U   C   A   T   I   O   N


Bachelor of Education   [Primary/Junior] *

University of Windsor    Apr. 2002


Honours B.A. Drama in Education

University of Windsor    Oct. 2001



T  E  A  C  H  I  N  G – R  E  L  A  T  E  D    E  X  P  E  R  I  E  N  C  E


                         Placements with the Greater Essex County District School Board

                              General Brock Public School   Nov. 2001

                         J.E. Benson Public School   Oct. 2001

                         King Edward Public school   February 2002

Ÿ         Reports from Associate Teachers and Faculty of Education staff are enclosed

Ÿ         April placement to follow



                         School Advisory Council Secretary – Dr. Taylor School – Windsor

                         Sept. 2001 - present

Ÿ         Attend meetings monthly for the School Advisory Council and the Taylor Neighbourhood Association

Ÿ         Record minutes

Ÿ         Address school related issues



                        Parent Leader, 66 th Windsor Beavers   Sept. 2001 - present


Ÿ         Work as part of a team to plan and implement instructional material for weekly meetings                                                         

Ÿ         Attend camp and aid in the implementation of relevant programs



                         University of Windsor Volunteer Internship Program  

                         Dr. H.D. Taylor Public School   Sept. 2000 - June 2001


Ÿ         Worked with Mr. McKelvie’s Junior Kindergarten class

Ÿ         Assisted with daily classroom routines and assignments -occasionally implemented lessons.


                         Field Placements - Drama in Education Degree

                         Sandwich West Public school

                         John L Forster High school

                         Jan. 1996 - Apr. 1998


Ÿ         Created and implemented lesson plans for grades two, six, nine and eleven.



W   O   R   K     H   I   S   T   O   R   Y     


                        Educational Development Centre / Special Needs Program  

                        University of Windsor    1999 - present

Ÿ         Work with access software for students with special needs

Ÿ         Help special needs students with computer programs and difficulties in an annex provided specifically for them

Ÿ         Aid students who require assistance in research for school projects

Ÿ         Read text to tape

Ÿ         Scan text to computer for visually impaired students

Ÿ         Work as part of a team aiding first year students in their transition to University  

Ÿ         Answer calls from all over the world regarding information needed to begin University


                        Public Relations, English Department

                        University of Windsor    1998 - 1999

Ÿ         Created brochures for the University of Windsor's English Department.


                        Business / Advertising Assistant, The Lance

                        University of Windsor     1996 - 1998

Ÿ         Created a database

Ÿ         Faxed, photocopied, filed, answered the phone, typed articles, greeted clients and volunteers, mailed out invoices

Ÿ         Contacted clients with overdue accounts      



V   O   L   U   N   T   E   E   R      E   X   P   E   R   I   E   N   C   E    



   Parent Leader, 66 th Windsor Beavers Sept. 2001 - present

Ÿ         As noted under “Teaching-Related Experience”


                         Students Orienting Students, University of Windsor

                         May 2001 - present

Ÿ         Run team-led workshops introducing new students and their families to University life

Ÿ         Review and revise the parent session for these workshops

Ÿ         Volunteer help within the University when necessary

                         University of Windsor Volunteer Internship Program  

                         Sept. 2000 - June 2001

Ÿ         As noted in “Teaching-Related Experience”       



                         Writer / Photographer, The Lance, 1996 - 1998

Ÿ         Wrote articles for the arts, news, features and editorial sections

Ÿ         Photographed concerts and news events



                         Organizer,  Starting up Waldorf Education in Windsor, “The Natural                      

                         Child”, 1996 - 1997

Ÿ         Actively reviewed literature on Waldorf education

Ÿ         Helped a committee brainstorm ideas on beginning a Waldorf school in Windsor

Ÿ         Attended meetings for my own education, public awareness and fund raising

Ÿ         Visited established Waldorf schools in Detroit, MI and London, ON in order to gain a clear idea of their set-up and operation



                          A.I.D.S. committee of Windsor, 1990-1994

Ÿ         Provided support for an individual with A.I.D.S. through the “Buddy program”

Ÿ         Attended several required training sessions on the topic of H.I.V. & A.I.D.S. as well as client and familial support

Ÿ         Assisted in fund raising

Ÿ         Reception and secretarial work



T  E  C  H  N  O  L  O  G  I  C  A  L    S  K  I  L  L  S                        


Ÿ         Corel WordPerfect, Spreadsheets, Database

Ÿ         Microsoft Word, Works

Ÿ         Web Page authoring / HTML coding

Ÿ         Access Software – ZoomText, Kurzweil 3000, Arkenstone Open Book



I  N  T  E  R  E  S  T  S

Ÿ         Drama  *Photography *Environmental Issues *Swimming *Recreational Music and Dance



   * I will be taking the Additional Basic Qualifications Course “ Special Needs Part 1 ” in                                                          

   May 2002.



Please find references enclosed.